Diamond’s mother Sanura Kassim caused a stir on social media when
she unfollowed her son on Instagram. It’s not clear what caused the
move but many people believe it has everything to do with Hamisa

Sanura currently follows only 35 people on social media, and
Diamond is not among them. She used to follow her son, the two
routinely tagged each other on their posts on IG.
The trouble in Tandale has been caused by Hamisa
Mobetto. Diamond’s mother has always favored Zari over Mobetto.

Even after Zari and Diamond broke up, Sanura maintained a warm
relationship with her.
Let us be
Sanura recently admitted that she beat up and chased Hamisa
Mobetto from Madale home after she found out that she spent a night
at her son’s house.

Diamond’s mother has since sent a humble plea to the public to stop
bothering her about her family. Sanura says her decision to unfollow
her son is ‘normal’ thing which shouldn’t bother anyone.

“Waache kufatilia maisha yangu na familia yangu na wao wafatilie
familia zao pia, kila mtu anafamilia yake waiache ya kwangu na
kuhusu ku-unfollow hicho ni kitu cha kawaida wenyewe tushazoea,”
said Sanura Sandra.