Nicki Minaj is a ride-or-die labelmate.
The Young Money first lady took to Twitter over the weekend to blast
Pusha T for claiming that Drake doesn’t write his own raps. Drizzy
has been battling this ghostwriting rumors since 2015 when Meek Mill
went on Twitter to call him out for allegedly using Quentin Miller to
write his raps. In his new song “Infrared” off his new album

Daytona, Pusha T reignite his beef with Drake by bringing up said
Quentin Miller ghostwriting rumors.
Seems Drake was waiting locked and loaded and within a day after
the song came out, the Toronto rapper dropped a blistering diss
track “Duppy Freestyle.” Nicki Minaj was also clearly furious about
the ghostwriting jab and offload whatever was on her chest on

“N***az gon run that Quentin sh*t in the fkn ground like Drake
don’t write 4 himself & OTHERS!” Nicki wrote. “Ya enemies will remix,
reinvent & TRY 2make u RELIVE some old sh*t for YEARS 2 come
when they have NOTHING ON U! Knock it off. Challenging the chosen
ones only awakens the sleeping giant.”
Drake has proven himself to be a formidable foe with his handling of
the Meek Mill situation so now we are all wondering why Pusha T and
Kanye West decided to diss the Toronto rapper. Drizzy is currently
getting ready to release his new album Scorpion in June. There might
just be another diss track coming on the album.