An embarrassing photo of Tommy Lee Sparta in jail in his boxers and
crying goes viral.
The Guzu Musiq deejay’s legal team is fuming over the photo that
was allegedly leaked online by police officers yesterday. The pic
shows Tommy Lee Sparta, real name Leroy Russell, standing inside
the police station wearing only his boxers and appeared to be crying.
Sources told Dapstream News that whoever took the photo and leaked
it is trying to embarrass the hardcore dancehall deejay.
“They are trying to embarrass him because they can’t find anything
to pin on him or charge him with so they are trying to tear down his
career,” sources said. “For years they have been trying to tear down
one man and when they can’t frame him for anything they are
resorting to dirty tactics.”

Tommy Lee’s lawyer, Donahue Martin, says she will be writing to the
commissioner of police to investigate the photo and discipline the
police officer(s) behind it. “I find it very unprofessional, and we do
intend to write to the relevant authorities, in particular, the
commissioner of police, to ascertain why is it that this is being done
while somebody is a guest of the State or in custody,” Martin said.
Tommy Lee Sparta was arrested at an ATM in St. Andrew early
Sunday morning and was transferred to Montego Bay for
questioning. A judge ordered the police department to release the
entertainer or charge him with a crime. They say they intend to
charge him.