Vybz Kartel put his own fans on blast for disrespecting his new
The “Luxury Doll” deejay posted a few photos of his new girlfriend
on Instagram on Monday. This is not the first time that the deejay is
posting a pic of his new bae, but this is the first time that he is
confirming that they are dating. Some of you may be wondering how
does Vybz Kartel get to date women from prison, well these
relationships happen all the time and being a famous celebrity makes
it even easier.
“Xoxo.. SidemOzturk,” Kartel captioned the post. She goes by the
name Sidy Gaza and she is from Turkey. Sources told Urban
Islandz that she and Vybz Kartel have been dating from around
2016 and she regularly visits flies to Jamaica to visit him in prison.
She also commented on the post saying, “My baby I love you… So
Much.” Kartel responded by saying, “Love you mi baby. oh.”
Seems some of the Gaza girls wasn’t too happy about Vybz Kartel post
and left some pretty nasty comments calling the deejay’s girlfriend
some shocking things. “Worl’Boss sell we out just another black man
stepping on black woman for a white b**ch,” one fan wrote while
another added, “Where Kartel get these fake Gaza groupie, you can
do better than this boss. This you left Shorty for?”
Some of the deejay’s fans even questioned her ethnicity. Vybz Kartel
has since disabled the comments on the posts and edit the caption
blasting his fans for hating on his new girlfriend. “Shes white? Lol
come offa mi page wid simple minded ignorant rubbish,” Kartel wrote.

Vybz Kartel will be back in court on Thursday of this week for the
final appeal hearing ahead of the trial set for July 9th. Urban
Islandz will keep you updated on the developments in the case.