Tommy Lee Sparta says his recent arrest cost him more than $20
Last month, the dancehall deejay found himself in police custody in
an unusual way. A group of masked police officers converged on the
entertainer while he was withdrawing money from an ATM in
Kingston. In Jamaica, when masked officers conduct raids, it’s
usually comes with death on sight because those cops only go for the
most hardened criminals on the island. Tommy Lee Sparta is now
saying that he is fearful for his life and the arrest has cost him
millions of dollars.
Tommy Lee ended up spending a week behind bars before a judged
ordered his release. Cops have yet to charge him with any crime and
now his lawyers are calling for the police high command to do
something about what they call a gross abuse of power.
A rep for the Mobay deejay told Urban Islandz that he lost millions
of dollars in potential earnings and had to fork out a couple more
millions for lawyer fees. “We were in talks with a lot of promoters who
wanted to book Tommy Lee for shows locally and overseas and now
all of these talks fell through because of the arrest,” his rep said.
“When you add his lawyer fees for this unconstitutional arrest we
are talking about more than $20 million.”
Last year, Tommy Lee Sparta threatened to sue the Jamaican
government for $20 million for violating his constitutional rights