Vybz Kartel gets to watch World Cup in prison and some fans are
asking why.
Vybz Kartel is cheering on his favorite team Argentina from prison,
but today he might be a little disappointed after his team drew their
opening game against Iceland. Yesterday, Kartel made a post on
Instagram about the match. “Iceland??…joke side..run over dem

[Argentina],” he wrote. Some of his fans immediately started asking
how he gets to watch World Cup and he is in prison serving life.
Perhaps fans should be asking how is he getting to be on social media
in prison.
“How ya go watch it dawg,” the fan wrote to which Vybz Kartel clap
back saying, “Wid me eyes dawg.” Several more fans commented on
the post asking the same question. “How can you be in maximum
security prison and get to watch TV, Jamaica prison system is a
joke,” another fan said.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence, but he is not in a
maximum security prison. He was recently transferred to the St.
Catherine Adult Correctional Center in Spanish. In a maximum
security prison like Horizon Remand Center, inmates don’t have a lot
of privileges, they are only allowed outside of their cells for an hour
per day. This is not the case at the prison where Vybz Kartel is
currently housed. They have access to TVs and more amenities like
play area and fitness.