Lava Lava in Zanzibar
Lava Lava in Zanzibar 
One of Diamond’s musicians signed under his record label, Wasafi
Classic Baby (WCB) fainted on stage after receiving a kiss on the mouth
from a female fan, while performing.

The musician, Lava Lava was performing in Morogoro, Tanzania
alongside fellow Wasafi signee Mbosso Khan when the incident happened.
Lava Lava shared on his instagram page that he did not understand or
remember what happened. He thanked God that he was able to wake up.

Tuliopo Sema Huyu Dada Kunikisi Huku Veep Alitaka Kuniuwa Maana
Anajua Kabisa Mimi Nina #Gundu Mambo Haya Sijawahi Kufanyiwa

According to his event organizer, Arbab Mb, he thought that the artist
was being comical by falling on the ground but when he did not wake up
he knew something was not right.
Arbab and other organizers who were behind the stage rushed to help
him, they gave him first aid while Arbab scolded him for allowing the
incident to happen.

Lava Lava was able to wake shortly after and continued with the
The Wasafi singer said that the incident had never happened to him
before and he was going to be careful from then onwards.

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