Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne 

Weezy was booked as Cardi B's replacement; the Migos set was a

casualty of weather violations.
Lil Wayne came in as a super sub for Cardi B this weekend, but not
everything went as planned. The former cash millionaire had to
cancel last minute due to "travel issues." The festival who'd booked
both Cardi and Lil Wayne, Panorama in NYC, tried in vain to secure a
2nd replacement but came up short. Thankfully Janet Jackson held
down her headliner spot, and performed as scheduled yesterday evening.

Cardi B who had booked her spot well in advance, had to cancel due
to post-pregnancy issues (caring for a baby, all that). Lil Wayne on
the other hand was left stranded at the airport as his flight was
delayed. The festival made the announcement via Twitter as soon as
they received notice from Lil Wayne and his reps. Their message to ticket

"Due to weather conditions, Lil Wayne’s flight has been
delayed and he is unable to perform tonight,” a message
projected on-stage read. “He was looking forward to
performing for his NYC fans and plans to come back as soon
as possible."

To make matters worse, the entire first night of the festival had to
cancelled due to impeding weather conditions. Would-be performances
from Dua Lipa, the War on Drugs, Migos , the Weeknd, Father John
Misty, Yaeji were all casualties of the storm. This time last year, the
Panorama Music Festival was scene to a collapsed stage during Isaiah
Rashad ’s set.