Sean Paul
Sean Paul 

Sean Paul has opened up about Demi Lovato’s recent overdoes and
his own struggles with recreational drugs.

Demi Lovato made headlines last week when she was rushed to the
hospital after going unconscious due to a drug overdose . The pop
star has been battling substance abuse for years and was very open
about it. In fact, she recently released a song about her relapse
leading fans to become worried about her well being. “I just want to
send love to Demi. She’s a beautiful girl and a great, great artist,”
Sean Paul told the Daily Star.

The dancehall star says he himself has been smoking a bit too much,
but says the music industry sometimes pushes artists to that point.
“The music industry in itself is very excessive,” he added. “We are
always working in studios, performing, traveling and sometimes you
feel you need a break and the break is to go towards things that
don’t give you a break.”

“I do smoke too much, sometimes that’s a relief for me,” Sean Paul
continues. The “Mad Love” deejay explained how he copes with the
stresses of being a global artist saying he tries to stay grounded
and close to his family who often lift him up whenever he is feeling

Sean Paul is one of the most commercially successful artists in
dancehall’s history. He has sold over 25 million records over the
span of his career and is still going strong.