Tay-K may be facing capital murder charges and a new lawsuit, but
he seemed happy while remaining behind bars.
A new video showing Taymor McIntyre, Tay-K ‘s real name, behind
bars. We’re told that the clip was shot recently during a family visit
and you can hear the female telling the rapper to say his for her
Instagram. The rapper, who is also known as Tay-K 47, is currently
in jail awaiting trial for a capital murder charge . He will be tried as
an adult and could be sent to prison for life if found guilty.
Tay-K and his management team also have some fresh legal troubles
on their hands after the family of both victims filed a $1 million
lawsuit against the rapper and six others for profiting off the
murder of their loved ones. Tay-K gained fame last year when his
debut single “The Race” began a massive hit. The single went
platinum while the rapper was behind bars and was one of the
biggest rap songs on the airwaves last year.
McIntyre is being accused of killing Ethan Walker during a home
invasion and shooting Zachary Beloate who survived the attack. The
families are suing Tay-K, as well as, his manager Eza Averill,
88Classics Records, and owner Joshua White. The lawsuit claims that
the rapper is profiting off the crimes which helped elevate his career.
They want $1 million in damages.
Tay-K’s hit song “The Race” was released around the same time he
committed the alleged crimes. Two of his accomplices were sentenced
to life in prison for their involvement in the murder. The Texas
rapper is currently awaiting trial and has maintained his innocence.
Despite this latest development in his legal fight, Tay-K seemed
unbothered and was spotted smiling for the Gram while giving his
fans a shout-out.