Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

For the past few days, word on the street had it that the arguably
popular socialite-cum-entrepreneur, Vera Sidika had dumped her new
found lover, Otile Brown.
Their relationship had for months been the talk of town, turning heads
with their blossoming public display of affection.

Rumours of their apparent break-up were fuelled when it surfaced
that the socialite deleted all of Otile’s photos that they took from their
sponsored romantic trip to the island of Mauritius.
Days later, Otile Brown also took down all of Vera’s photos from his
Instagram account and unfollowed her.
It is now official that the celebrated couple are very much together
and they are far from calling it quits.
Otile Brown has released a new song ‘Baby love’ in which he is
constantly reassuring Vera of his love.
The curvaceous owner of a multi-million beauty parlour in the city is
also the video vixen in the new song.

‘’ When bae sings for you and it melts your heart (literally) I love you
baby @otilebrown you’re the best and OMG your voice! I know I say
this all the time but damn papi!!!!Just can’t get enough ????’re
one special, talented human ?’’ She shared on her Instagram