Dabby K
Dabby K - Kenyan Musical Artist

Paul Munialo Barasa better known by His Stage name  Dabby K is a Kenyan Musical Artist.
Dabby K Performs in four different genres ; Dancehall,Soca,Reggaeton,Bongo-flava.

Early Life

Growing up in Bungoma, Kenya was not an easy road for Paul
Munialo Barasa. As young as seven years old, Paul trained himself
as a vocalist and performer in the tradition of many of the great
Kenyan dancehall musicians that came before him. As many of his
friends took the well- travelled route of drugs and crime, Dabby K
continued to follow his musical calling. His break came when he was
spotted by DJ Masita at a local talent contest and things took off
from there. Taken under DJ Masita's wing who introduced him to
DJ LYTMAS Who saw the talent in him and signed him under his
label Dapstrem Entertainment, Dabby K burst onto the scene with a
feature on "Call Mi Yuh Ruler" and never looked back.

Quickly proving himself as one of the Genre's most talented artists, his
distinctive voice and impressive instinct for melody flew him
through international hits, from “Dancehall Daddy” to “Dance Fi
Mi” His back catalogue features everything that dancehall has to
offer - from poetic ghetto laments to party smashers and gyallis
anthems. As well as a huge local fanbase and a dedicated
worldwide following, the Star became the first dancehall artist to
have his album realesed on the first year of his musical career ,
shortly followed by several single hart placement. His well- known
catchphrases and charismatic energy have lead him to cult status,
finding a loyal fan in African Dancehall artists as well as features
with various kenyan artists and South African artists. Continuing
the course to pop stardom, this past year saw him feature on Safi
G's Anavokata. Dabby K first joined forces with DLM in 2017 for the
release of “Ruler (Album),” racking up lots of YouTube plays for an
upcoming artist. His debut album (released on Dapstrem) is
executive produced by DLM Records, and features additional
productions from various production houses. With the release his
debut full length, Ruler , Dabby K has made his grandest artistic
statement to date and confirmed his place as an important voice in
the tradition of Kenyan dancehall music.

1.Call Mi Yuh Ruler
2.Dancehall Daddy
3.Dance Fi Mi
4.No Diss
5.God Ami Everything
7.Mr DJ
8.Love Gone Wrong
9.Family Tings
10.No More
11.Beach Party
13.Can't Let it Go
14.Butty Whine