'Kanini Fingers Duale' Tittle on NTV

A dirty minded society, many have argued, but the ‘Kanini
Fingers Duale’ title aired on NTV Tuesday night may have been
a phrase commonly used, but with various meanings.

Tweeps on Tuesday night through Wednesday morning were awed by the
use of the language, many in fact arguing that the Media Council of
Kenya should step in to bring sanity.
A popular online dictionary defines the phrase ‘finger someone’ as “the
act of identifying someone as a certain person (As if pointing a finger
at someone).”

The context of the usage, however, differs, and for the case of Kanini
fingering Duale’ was purely a move by Mr Kanini to accuse Mr Duale of
having waged the war against the sugar report, leading to its ouster.
Some tweeps have, in fact, accused NTV editors of probably watching a
lot of pornography content, and as such, the results would be posting
such TV scrolls.

“Forget about super petrol, it now seems that NTV editors have been
watching too much porn. 'Kanini Fingers Duale',” a Kimani Mwangi said
via Twitter.
“#GitheriMedia indeed. Any editor sensitive on what goes on in society
would not use such a tagline "Kanini fingers Duale" NTV Kenya,”
Mwalimu Mutie tweeted.

Mbas Liech argued: “Yaani 2018 and educated Kenyans have no idea
what 'to finger' means in the context of Kanini to Duale?”
And even worse offline, writers had heated debate
Wednesday morning, with editors such as Tony, arguing that the rotten society is to
blame for the misinterpretation of the context of usage.

“That’s how dirty minded Kenyans are. People who always belief that
any act related to fingering is sex-oriented are misguided. Mature
people would know that easily, not the current, spoiled brats,” Tony