Vybz Kartel and Lisa Hyper
Vybz Kartel and Lisa Hyper

Lisa Hyper is opening up about her relationship with Vybz Kartel
saying it’s deeper than dancehall.
Lisa Hyper, former known as Lisa Hype, was one of the original
members of the Vybz Kartel led Portmore Empire. She has
collaborated with her former mentor on many occasions in the past
including on a song titled “Whine For Me” which fueled rumors that
the two are in a relationship. A leaked photo showing the female
dancehall artist giving another man, rumored to be Kartel, all her
brains didn’t help to quell the rumors.
For the first time, Hyper is opening up about her relationship with the
now incarcerated dancehall deejay. “The connection Adidja and I
have is way deeper than music, deeper than the deep blue sea,” she
Lisa Hyper also confirmed for the first time that she and Vybz Kartel
were involved in an intimate relationship that blossomed out of a
lifelong friendship that they shared with each other. “I know this
man from the age of five, we grew up in the same community,” Hyper
explains. “We could talk about anything, and as our friendship grew,
we became very much involved in an intimate relationship.”
Despite her close relationship with Vybz Kartel, Lisa Hyper was one of
those original members of the Gaza who were kicked out of Portmore
Empire or forced to leave the group after their relationship with
Kartel went sour. She made it clear that she wasn’t like the other
members who linked with Kartel to gain fame, she knew him before he
was a household name.