Nicki Minaj and DJ Self
Nicki Minaj and DJ Self

Nicki Minaj rips DJ Self to threads on Twitter on Monday night and
she will be exposing him on her Queen Radio show on Thursday.
Nicki Minaj is currently doing some press run for her new album
Queen, but clearly not everyone radio DJs are getting love from her.
Who knew that she had a beef with New York’s Power 105.1 disc
jockey, DJ Self. It seems even Self had no idea that Nicki hated his
“He’s mad cuz I refused to give him a drop or a hug,” Nicki tweeted.
“He was just up there dissin the b*ch thinking that would make me
f**k wit him. Lmao. Jokes on you once again dummy. Passed up on ya
meal tkt now u get crumbs from her table. Ur a reality tv hoe. Used
to be a respected DJ.”
“Where my hug face a$$ ni**a. Dissin another female rapper won’t
make me like you. You hold no weight in this city. Ni**a look @ ya
roster. I did Clue show & he was up there looking like a sad kid.
Asking for a drop trying to get a hug. I won’t give you a drop, ur not
a Dj HOE,” she added.
In his defense, DJ Self says that he never asked her for a hug and
that she is mad because he is a friend of Safaree and Dreamdoll.
“Well there you have it i never asked for a Hug or a drop truth is i
said Hi she said hi back never knew she had an Issue with me we
only speak when she has a project dropping so by that i know what my
relation is with her Clue asked her to do a drop for Dj Self and she
declined which i wasn’t in the room why would she not i have no clue
Cause I’m friends w Safaree??? Or Dreamdoll,” he wrote on IG.