Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan Photos
Zari And Diamond 

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan has come out curse him for
playing him like a fool. The socialite, who has two kids from Diamond,
shared that Diamond should have at least hinted that he was
having someone else instead of pretending he wasn’t touching
another woman.
“I had rumours about this thing but I just ignored it untill the baby
was born and he was still denying. He was going on radio stations
saying the father of this child should come out and he knew this was
his child. I was like this girl is bringing out receipts, not only that
but in my bed, our home, how are you gonna explain this?” said the
socialite in an interview with  South Africa’s Phat Joe.
She went on to confess that she wanted the relationship to work
despite the distance between them. She lamented that Diamond
should have mentioned it to her when he cheated instead of acting
all clueless.
“He should have told me, you are South Africa, I’m in Tanzania, shit
happens and I just happen to get my horniness off somewhere. He
should have told me,”she said.
“After the betrayal, the connection was cut. The worst part was when
I decide not to be with him anymore and I’d see all these stories
about him trying to revenge. I understood where he was coming