Date of my birth??????
Education? ????????
Little of my early life in brief & many more


Birth name                   Merrick Alvids Owino 


Date of birth                03 July 1998


Occupation                  Approved Google DJ,

                                        Wikipedia writer,

                                        Record Producer




DJ LYTMAS is arguably one of the most gifted DJs Kenya
has been blessed with. His stage name reflects his ability to
mix music in a way that keeps you hunting and wanting more.
 DJ LYTMAS born in 1998 in Kisumu,Kenya. Like mad ants on
a wall just before a rainy day, DJ Lytmas commands your
weddings, parties, dances, reunions and set ups like no
other, and does this with ease through genres, styles and eras.
No venue is too big or too small to be bombarded with DJ LYTMAS
electrifying sounds. With music as his passion since primary school,
he was mesmerized by DJ LYTA (community selector) work at the
turntable. Though he has now formed his own, he salutes
persons like DJ KALONJE, DJ KANJI , ZJ Chrome and ZJ Liquid for
being motivators to his craft; along with his inspirations; Vybz
Kartel ,Beenie Man,Alkaline, Mavado,Konshens ,Charly Black 

                  BIOGRAPHY OF DJ LYTMAS

                       ☆  Introduction☆

“DJ LYTMAS (Pronounced as dj “litmas”) is widely regarded as

being one of the best DJ’s to grace planet earth, he can

only be described as a charming music phenomenon.

Saluted by the industry for being one of the most

creative mixers with instinct and technical prowess, not

forgetting the mentions of owning one of the quickest

fingers in the trade with his trademark cue action

displays during his sets! A set of decks simply isn’t the

same without DJ LYTMAS.”

             ☆DJ LYTMAS – Passion, Persistence and Dedication☆

“Having been a DJ for most of my life, my sets are

balanced to cater to the new LYTMAS followers while not

forgetting the ones that have got me to where I am

today, and supported me throughout my career. Some

may call it a tricky task, but I believe that this appeals

to the wider audience that I feel deeply fortunate to

play for.”


The Story of DJ LYTMAS / The Kenyan years…

Even as a young child growing up in Kisumu,West

Kenya, DJ LYTMAS knew that he wanted a career in music,

computing or electronics. His childhood revolved

around many interests, whether it be dismantling a

portable radio to study how it operated, experimenting

with his science fair kit, learning basic computer code

to write programmes or listening to and recording radio


He’d also watch music TV shows like The Beat,Base Line

Mseto East Africa and Afterburn. Both the radio

and TV shows were a great asset to the expansion of

LYTMAS’ musical taste during his learning and developing

stages. Although Soca,Dancehall, Pop, Hip Hop, Swing and Reggae

formed part of his musical diet, DJ LYTMAS soon became Inspired

by House and Acid

During his secondary school years, his best-loved classes were

music tuition and computers, otherwise known as CDT-

Computer, Design and Technology. His love for music

grew to new heights and with a newfound passion for


At the age of 13, he started listening to the radio and

was inspired by DJ’s mixing two records together.

Unlike today’s budding young DJ’s that have DJ

equipment with the controversial built-in features to aid

the synchronisation of mixing,LYTMAS’ bedroom equipment

consisted of one portable radio/tape player, an

amplifier, and a tape deck. After much experimenting,

DJ LYTMAS managed to pull off a few mixes from audio tape to

audio tape. Due to lack of pitch control, and after

several attempts, he became frustrated at only being

able to hold a mix for a short time. With his electronics

know-how, he soon discovered a way of slowing down

the pitch on the tape player by lightly pushing on part of

the inner workings, in particular, the pinch roller. After

only a few tries, DJ LYTMAS became very good at locking two

songs together, and making longer mixes achievable.

After a while, LYTMAS focused on his Friend’s living room Hi-

Fi also referred to as a music player, which he used

every day after school without permission. The

inclusion of a belt driven turntable with rotary pitch

control made things a lot easier. By wiring up the

turntable to his portable radio/tape player, he could

practice mixing two songs together from the turntable

into tracks playing on the tape deck. Having started to

hone his skills, LYTMAS recognised that he needed a DJ

Name, and came up with DJ KID KARTEL 1.

Now a master of the art of mixing two tracks together,

and after settling for an unusual DJ name, came his

desire to be an online internet DJ. With no previous experience,

he would imitate being on a live show by playing

tracks, introducing them, and saying made-up shouts

and requests .

As his record collection grew, his DJ hobby progressed from his

bedroom, and DJ LYTMAS managed to get DJ sets at school discos,

School Music Dramas ,parties and private events in local community

halls. DJ LYTMAS had taken his first step onto the path of his

lifelong DJ career.

                 ☆Background Information☆

DJ LYTMAS real name Merrick Alvids Ngara was born in

Kisumu district hospital in the year 1998-07-03 .He successfully


and attendend his primary school at Chepkolon green highlands in

2012 Where he completeted his primary education and proceeded to

Onjiko high school where he learned for two years before transfering

to < Ridore High school where he completeted his secondary


in 2016.